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It’s Nothing Personal

T o anyone who held a dark secret to those who were hypocrites to the guy just doing his job, it’s nothing personal…To those for whom it was their job and made it personal, my father was their worst nightmare.

H is truths were based on our most coveted lies. He left no room for rationalized bigotry or self deception. He seduced his audience with a rhythmic and dynamic use of his own language, acting as the slow pull of a Band-Aid off denial.

W hen I started this I truly wanted you to get to know my father as closely as possible and enter into his world.

H e believed in the First Amendment. He believed in the right of due process. My father said we had “the best judicial system in the world.” I am still astonished at the misappropriation and gross misuse of power that the local and national government displayed. That the very system he so respected destroyed one the finest and most prismatic minds of our time.

H e was so very funny, and I love to hear it when he breaks up during a bit because he’s “digging it.” For the die-hard fan or the virgin just hearing about Lenny Bruce, you are in for a treat. One of my father’s greatest assets as a performer was his charm. He made you like him. Apparently he did not have that effect on those who found him obscene.

Kitty Bruce

lenny bruce on stage