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Hot Honey Harlow

There is a lot to say about Honey Harlow – some good, some bad, much of it outrageous but all of it a story about a country girl, who tried to keep it all together in a world she didn’t make.

Honey was the wife of Lenny and mother of Kitty. Her path criss-crossed from Hollywood to Italy to France and back again.

She over came heroin addiction and was sober 21 years now deceased 2005 After a long battle to gain her daughters respect and love it is a true testament to mothers who think they will never have a relationship with their daughters have hope.

Harriett “Poochie” Jolliff

Honey was born as Harriett Joliff in Manila, a little town in Arkansas. Later on in life, she got into the dancing world down in Miami, Florida as a chorus girl. It wasn’t until many years later of traveling that she returned to Miami as Hot Honey Harlow.

Mrs. Lenny Bruce…

Every city has a twenty four hour deli and if you’re a night person, you know where they are. For Baltimore, in 1951, it was the Mayflower Coffee Shop. At 3:00AM the shop was filled with strippers, comics, dancers, singers, managers, club owners, and anyone else in the business.

It was on one of those ordinary nights of “two eggs over easy, marmalade with a toasted bagel and a coffee,” that Honey met Lenny Bruce.