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Lenny’s House Auction December 2-16th

Lenny’s House Auction December 2-16th on or you can go to our donate to Lenny’s House!  ” On behalf of The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation and Lenny’s House I want you to know that every donation, the words of encouragement, the loyalty and love that has been shown over the past two years since this idea evolved from selling t-shirt’s to auctions we have helped over forty women. All I have ever wanted was my father to be remembered not only as the brilliant and very socially important figure that will go down in history ,I also wanted his untimely death to help in any way we could to help change lives one woman at a time through Lenny’s House and it’s working. Also as of 2012 We will be offering my father’s 50th year anniversary edition of ” How to talk dirty and Influence people”. Also we will be have t-shirts to help Lenny’s House in the lenny Bruce Shoppe as well. So Let’s make this last auction really count.

Love, Kitty Bruce

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Lenny’s House Fundraising Auction

The kick off for a fundraising auction on will be on October 13th which would have been my father’s 86th birthday!!

All the proceeds will go to Lenny’s House. We have helped over 23 women get their lives back on track from drug and alcohol addiction this year. Your support to keeping us going is vital. Please participate in the auction or  send a donation to The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation P.O. Box 1089 Pittston, Pa. 18640.  Thank you in advance!


Kitty Bruce


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