Hi Lenny Bruce friends, after many years I have placed the  LENNY BRUCE Archives at BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY Waltham, Massachuetts!!!!

  I would like to personally thank The Hugh Hefner Foundation for  helping with the care, restoration, and  preservation of photos, tapes, letters, personal and very special items. The unveiling will be at The university in October 2016!!!! See you there!!!!!!!    Love Kitty Bruce


Who was Lenny Bruce?

Lenny Bruce is most often known as a pioneer in the industry but for me he was much more. He was my father. He had a connection with his audience and 42 years later it still exists. My hope for the website is to honor my father and what he stood for.

His undying belief in the first amendment and standing up and speaking about racism and bigotry all the social viruses that existed and still do. This is a different time. We can make a difference and make this a happier kinder and gentler world. He was so funny, Enjoy what you read, see and hear.

With love, Kitty Bruce