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Lenny’s House

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Lenny’s House is a non-profit charity located in Pittston, PA that helps women get back on their feet. The desire is to create a safe, sober and nurturing environment for women that provides support, education and a new perspective on living clean and sober.

Women in early recovery require:

• The TOOLS of a structured recovery.
• The SKILLS to set their path of recovery in motion.
• The TIME to develop and implement a sober lifestyle that will serve them for years to come

Lennys House

– At Lenny’s House we integrate sobriety with learning life skills that will ensure successful navigation in a sober world
– At Lenny’s House we concentrate on building a positive, healthy lifestyle resulting in a woman who lives with dignity and honor

• We commit to teaching self-respect to our bodies while building strong self-esteem
• We show women that fun is an important part of their recovery; we help them enjoy   life again

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