Lenny’s House

Lenny's House LogoLenny’s House is a non-profit charity located in Pittston, PA that helps women get back on their feet. The desire is to create a safe, sober and nurturing environment for women that provides support, education and a new perspective on living clean and sober.


Lenny’s House  is filled with awe inspiring love and care for the women in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. To those of you who have been with me on the journey to have Lenny’s House become a reality, we have come alomg way these past three years we have been open. Most who come to stay at Lenny’s House have lost it all. We take each broken piece of these women and work as hard as we can to help them rise up and be these women they were meant to be. Please help us with a contribution to The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation. All contibutions are fully tax deductible. We are self supporting and need your help to keep going. Our address is P.O. Box 1089 Pittston, Pa. 18640-5082

Love, Kitty Bruce


Women in early recovery require:

• The TOOLS of a structured recovery.
• The SKILLS to set their path of recovery in motion.
• The TIME to develop and implement a sober lifestyle that will serve them for years to come

– At Lenny’s House we integrate sobriety with learning life skills that will ensure successful navigation in a sober world
– At Lenny’s House we concentrate on building a positive, healthy lifestyle resulting in a woman who lives with dignity and honor

• We commit to teaching self-respect to our bodies while building strong self-esteem
• We show women that fun is an important part of their recovery; we help them enjoy   life again

If you would like to donate to Lenny’s House use the donate button below: