Lennys House Foundation

Only 2 Lenny Bruce T-Shirts Left!!!

We have 2 shirts left. One in a small red  ” In the Halls of Justice the Justice is in the Halls” and Red Extra Large There is no ” What should be ,”There is only What is.” It has been a pleasure talking to some of you who bought shirts over the past two years. Thank you so very much for the support to Lenny’s House! We will have some new items in the shoppe soon. Love, Kitty Bruce

The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival

LS_Comedy Festival_REDThe Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation  thanks ” The Laughing Skull” Comedy festival 2010 , Marshall Chiles, All the comedians who participated in the contest and those who purchased tickets for the donation to ” Lenny’s House” Congratulations to the winners  Josh Gondelman, Pat Dixon, Michael Palascak, and Cleveland Jackson!! Also thank you Margret Cho!!! Here are some behind the scenes pix I brought back from Atlanta from the comedy festival Enjoy!!

Love, Kitty Bruce

Behind the scenes :      Marshall Chiles,Kitty Bruce, and Margret Cho

The Judges  and The Laughing Skull Family

A special thank you to Dan Pasternack who made the connection!!!

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Another Big Thanks!

chris-rockChris Rock and Martin Lawrence donated a signed script up of upcoming movie “Death of a Funeral” as well as meet & greet and invitations to red carpet after party!!!

lewis-blackAlso Lewis Black donated tickets to his show and a meet and greet to the winner of any show they chose!!

Thank you Chris and Lewis for stepping up and helping to get Lenny’s House started!!!

Love, Kitty Bruce

Lenny’s House Auction in February

A big thank you to the following people who made the “Lenny’s House”

auction a success!  Chris and Malaak Rock, Lewis Black, Shae Kennedy, for” making it happen,” Louis Faranda, of Carolines Kelly Carlin, Carl Reiner,  Kelly Fiore  and Adam Scharfberg at www.charityfolks.com ,  Jeremy of MysticLiquid.com and a very heartfelt thank you to the people who bid for without you their would have been no auction.


Kitty Bruce xo