Lennys House Foundation

Many Thanks…

I would personally like to thank, Jamie Masada of the The Laugh Factory, for donating the club and all proceeds from the gate, Tim Allen, Larry Miller, Steve Rannazzisi, Dave Anthony, for their talent and time, God all of you are so funny!! Kim Flagg for her artistic design. All who supported that night by facebook blasting , buying tickets, making donations for making a miracle for Lenny’s House possible , Judy O Productions, Tracy De Marzo and most of all Anastasia Stanecki for she was the one who was behind this all and really made it happen. Thank you!


Kitty Bruce and the Women of Lenny’s House

Tim Allen and Kitty Bruce Laugh Factory November 11, 2010

Tim Allen and Kitty Bruce Laugh Factory November 11, 2010

Lenny’s House Is Open

Lenny’s house has all the amenities covered from latte machine’s, Power juicer’s to feather top mattresses on every bed. We offer different exercise programs during the week including spin, pilates, yoga . weight training, we have a Masters of Social work on staff, a teacher that  gives classes in for example how to handle money in early sobriety then we have practical application of that class, we cook together offering  a variety of different menus to suit each clients needs. Most of our staff is in recovery for over ten years. To find out more about Lenny’s House call 570-299-7576.

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Lenny’s House Has A Home

I am so excited to announce we have purchased Lenny’s House! It is a Century Home and will house up to 15 women at full capacity. Lenny’s House supporters attention!!! We are registered at “Target” If you would like to help us with our wish list here is how:


Items can be sent to The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation P.O. Box 1089 Pittston Pa. 18640 5082. Thank you for your continued encouragement as it has helped me more than you can imagine to stay focused and make Lenny’s House happen.


Kitty Bruce