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RIP Jonathan Winters

Lenny’s favorite comedian, Jonathan Winters, passed away last week at the age of 87. The trailblazing comic improviser was a seminal influence on scores of comedians and will be remembered as a comedy legend.

Happy Holidays

The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation thanks all who have helped Lenny’s House this year.     A very special thank you to Mystic Liquid, especially Jeremy DeLorm, for their talents! Behind the scenes, on the stage, in the press, donations, encouraging letters, fans of my father, thank you. I wish all of you who reads this the most joyous, soul filled, Happy 2013.
Love, Kitty Bruce

He’ll Always Be Missed

Today is the 46th anniversary of my father’s passing. He was a great man and a comedic genius. The world was forever changed by what he did on and off the stage. He will always be missed and remembered.

Join Us At the Asbury Park Comedy Festival

Announcing the first ever Asbury Park Comedy Festival on Saturday August 25th.  This must see event is at The Paramount and The Wonderbar.

The Paramount Theater has an awesome comedy showcase with Margaret Cho from Drop Dead Diva, Jim Florentine from Howard Stern, O&A, and That Metal Show, Mike Marion, Paul Veneir and hosted by Vinny Pastore who played Big Pussy on The Sopranos.


Across the street at The Wonder Bar will be an all day and all night Jersey Shore music extravaganza with ten bands performing starting at 1 pm in the afternoon.  The rock show is headlined by The Nick Clemons Band who starts playing at midnight.

The Asbury Park Comedy Festival is a fundraiser for The Lenny Bruce Foundation and you can get your tickets now by going to

About our friend Mike Destefano

About our friend Mike Destefano. I remember when you used to call me from back stage at a comedy club in  New York City an give me “your reviews” and which club owner was a schmuck. How you made me and so many others laugh so hard we would cry. I was always impressed with how you cared for your mother and made H.I.V. and AIDS awareness possible through your comedy. I will miss you say hello to my dad for me.

Love Kitty Bruce