Lenny’s House Is Open

Lenny’s house has all the amenities covered from latte machine’s, Power juicer’s to feather top mattresses on every bed. We offer different exercise programs during the week including spin, pilates, yoga . weight training, we have a Masters of Social work on staff, a teacher that  gives classes in for example how to handle money in early sobriety then we have practical application of that class, we cook together offering  a variety of different menus to suit each clients needs. Most of our staff is in recovery for over ten years. To find out more about Lenny’s House call 570-299-7576.

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Anniversary of His Passing

August 3rd Marks 44 years since my father passed. I am hoping he would be happy with Lenny’s House and also very grateful to all of you who have shown such love and support. I sure do miss him.

Love, Kitty Bruce