Remembering Lenny

Note from Kitty Bruce:

  It is hard to believe it is 45 years since my father’s passing. Rarely a week will go by where his name is not mentioned either in the media or from a die hard fan. In honor of my father’s memory Lenny’s House now stands and is serving women from all over the United States. We currently have nine women at Lenny’s House and six of them are either fully or partially sponsored by the donations we receive or fundraisers we have had. I am asking for your help to participate in the next couple of months while we are fund raising and asking for donations. Click here to see Lenny’s House. Thank you for your loyalty and love in remembering my father and celebrating his life and memory.

Love ,

Kitty Bruce

Many Thanks

Thank you so much Lewis Black, Margaret Cho, Larry David, Bill Maher, Paul Provenza, Wavy Gravy,Hugh Hefner,Sarah Silverman,Tim Allen, Abby &Steffan Margalith-Imhoff,Carolines Comedy Club, and Judy Orbach, Thank you also to and all who bid on items to help Lenny’s House Keep Going.


Kitty Bruce

About our friend Mike Destefano

About our friend Mike Destefano. I remember when you used to call me from back stage at a comedy club in  New York City an give me “your reviews” and which club owner was a schmuck. How you made me and so many others laugh so hard we would cry. I was always impressed with how you cared for your mother and made H.I.V. and AIDS awareness possible through your comedy. I will miss you say hello to my dad for me.

Love Kitty Bruce

Attention Lenny Bruce Fans…

Attention Lenny Lovers!!!! Please go to from February 8th until the 28nd to bid on our abulous auction items including Tim Allen’s signed jacket, Sarah Silverman’s book and jacket, tix  toReal time with Bill Maher, Margret cho’s new d.v.d,signed and even more!or just a great cause! The proceeds will go to The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation for Lenny’s House! Your bids will go toward sponsoring a woman in need for a stay at Lenny’s House!!!! If you don’t see what you like we always would appreciate a donation which is fully tax deductible.




Many Thanks…

I would personally like to thank, Jamie Masada of the The Laugh Factory, for donating the club and all proceeds from the gate, Tim Allen, Larry Miller, Steve Rannazzisi, Dave Anthony, for their talent and time, God all of you are so funny!! Kim Flagg for her artistic design. All who supported that night by facebook blasting , buying tickets, making donations for making a miracle for Lenny’s House possible , Judy O Productions, Tracy De Marzo and most of all Anastasia Stanecki for she was the one who was behind this all and really made it happen. Thank you!


Kitty Bruce and the Women of Lenny’s House

Tim Allen and Kitty Bruce Laugh Factory November 11, 2010

Tim Allen and Kitty Bruce Laugh Factory November 11, 2010