Happy Holidays

The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation thanks all who have helped Lenny’s House this year.     A very special thank you to Mystic Liquid, especially Jeremy DeLorm, for their talents! Behind the scenes, on the stage, in the press, donations, encouraging letters, fans of my father, thank you. I wish all of you who reads this the most joyous, soul filled, Happy 2013.
Love, Kitty Bruce

Save The Date

On October 13th, Lenny Bruce will be celebrating his 87th birthday  in the home of celestial energies some people you might have heard who will be at his party. Some of the guests will be George Carlin, John Belushi, Theonius Monk, Ralph J. Gleason, Richard Pryor, Hendrix, Lambert & Ross, Janis Joplin, Jimi, and my mother Honey Bruce .a.k.a. Hot Honey Harlowe!!!

Another Big Thanks!

Also a big thank you to “Writer’s in treatment” especially Leonard Lee Buschal and the following fabulous comedians for helping Lenny’s House during Pat Dixon’s Comedy Intervention. Pat Dixon, Rich Vos, Leah Bennema, Dustin Chafin, Nick Griffin, Owen Bowness , Robert Kelly, Rich Brooks and Mike Gaffney. Thank you. What a gift for my father’s 87th birthday October 13th!

Love, Kitty Bruce

A Big Thanks!

” On behalf of The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation and the women of Lenny’s House.. Thank you so much to:
Nick Clemons and Marshall Chilles, Margaret Cho, Jim Florentine, Mike Marino, Paul Venier and the host Vincent Pastore and all who came to this great show. You made it happen. It is the start of a yearly Comedy Festival for Lenny’s House!!!”  Love, Kitty Bruce

He’ll Always Be Missed

Today is the 46th anniversary of my father’s passing. He was a great man and a comedic genius. The world was forever changed by what he did on and off the stage. He will always be missed and remembered.